Wilprep Brand Story

About Us

Wilprep Solution Kitchen Equipments (“Wilprep”) was founded in Los Angeles in 2018. The co-founders started Wilprep with the vision of helping aspiring restaurateurs turn their culinary dreams into thriving businesses.

After working with dealers, suppliers, and new restaurant owners for over a decade, we saw firsthand the challenges new entrepreneurs faced when starting a food establishment. Between permitting, staffing, menu development and purchasing equipment, the process was complicated, expensive, and downright scary for first-timers.

We launched Wilprep to be a simple, affordable solution for outfitting commercial kitchens. By providing new owners with top-notch appliances at fair prices, Wilprep allows entrepreneurs to focus their energy on perfecting recipes and serving diners, rather than stressing over equipment costs.

At Wilprep, our mission is clear: equip new restaurateurs with the tools they need to successfully open their doors. We offer a comprehensive range of essential kitchen appliances, from commercial refrigerators and ovens to prep tables and dish machines.

Extensive Market Research

Unlike some competitors, Wilprep's offerings are thoughtfully curated based on in-depth market research. We consult with current and former restaurant owners, equipment dealers, and manufacturers to stay on top of the latest industry needs and trends. This allows us to provide the appliances new establishments value most.

By regularly seeking input from culinary professionals, Wilprep ensures our selection evolves along with the food service landscape. We add new equipment as up-and-coming cooking methods emerge, and phase out outdated or unessential products. Our inventory strikes the ideal balance between tried-and-true classics and innovative appliances for modern commercial kitchens.

Compliance & Safety

Wilprep takes numerous precautions to guarantee our equipment meets the highest standards for compliance and safety. All products are ETL certified, adhering to the strictest sanitation and electrical safety regulations for commercial use.

We partner exclusively with reputable global manufacturers that follow ethical practices and conduct regular quality control audits. By sourcing from industry leaders, Wilprep provides reliable appliances designed to perform safely in hectic restaurant settings.

Our Commitment

The Wilprep team understands that opening any new business involves risks and unknowns. That's why we strive to make the equipment buying process as turnkey as possible for our customers.

Our sales representatives take time to understand each client's concept and menu before making recommendations. We offer transparent, upfront pricing with bulk purchase discounts to help new owners stay on budget. And we stand behind every product, providing warranty assistance if any issues arise.

At Wilprep, our goal is to supply entrepreneurs with the backbone equipment they need to achieve their ambitions. By taking care of the details, we empower new restaurateurs to unleash their creativity and share their love of food. Contact us today to take the first step toward making your culinary vision a reality!