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January 02, 2024
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For every restaurant in the food industry, choosing the best commercial fridge is not just a decision—it’s a strategic maneuver. Refrigeration is imperative for any kitchen, considering that perishables can make you ill if left unrefrigerated for as little as two hours.

The best commercial fridge will regulate temperatures and keep your food safe, as well as endure the wear and tear typical of a restaurant. If you are wondering what kind of commercial fridge is best for your restaurant, continue reading to learn more about what type of commercial fridge suits your needs.

Chef opening commercial fridge

Walk-In Fridges

Considered the mother of all refrigeration, a walk-in refrigerator requires ample floor space in order to keep goods cold and fresh. Ranging from 15” x 15” to virtually as large as you desire, walk-in fridges take time and money to install and maintain. However, a walk-in fridge is essential for busy restaurants and large businesses that require significant stocks of produce, meat, dairy, or other perishables.

Often customizable in terms of size, temperature range, and internal layout, the walk-in fridge is also designed for long-term usage. These enormous units are typically composed of durable stainless steel and insulation, permitting them to endure constant use.

Reach-In Fridges

Reminiscent of the residential refrigerator, the reach-in fridge is the larger and stronger counterpart to its at-home brethren. These sizable units are known for their versatility and size, offering ample storage space for easily-accessible items. Unlike walk-in fridges, reach-in fridges save space due to their tall, narrow build. They are designed for quick, immediate access, and come in a range of sizes.

Wilprep Kitchen stocks single-door, double-door, and triple-door reach-in refrigerators to accommodate kitchens of any size. The 27” Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator can provide easy storage to any kitchen. Simply slide the stainless-steel unit in on its four caster wheels and benefit from cool and modern technology.

27" Commercial Solid Door Reach-In FridgeThe Wilprep 27" Commercial Solid Door Reach-In 

If 18.7 cubic feet of storage is not enough, the 81” Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator offers 61 cubic-feet of capacity. Open any of its three doors to access ingredients kept cool by the ever-efficient Cubigel compressor and copper evaporator. Save space and utilize sophisticated cooling-technology with a Wilprep Reach-In Refrigerator!

Undercounter Fridges

While you might perceive an under-counter fridge as just a mere workspace, these tiny yet mighty heroes offer so much more. These dual-purpose appliances function as both the perfect prep area and storage space. Utilize the counter to chop produce, then store it down below in the refrigerator. An under-counter fridge can be used however you like!

The 48" Commercial Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator from Wilprep features two cabinet doors that swing open, granting you quick access to ingredients. Instead of having to walk over to a reach-in or walk-in fridge, the under-counter version allows you to simply reach down and grab whatever you need. Its stainless-steel build also ensures lasting durability and easy cleaning for both the interior and exterior.

48" Commercial Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator48" Commercial Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator

Display Fridges

The ideal spotlight for drinks, desserts, baked goods, or sandwiches, the display fridge is the stage for any culinary creation. The best commercial display-fridge will showcase your goods to hungry customers while also keeping them fresh. They are perfect for bakeries, convenience stores, or even restaurants that want to show off what they’ve got.

Elevate your food presentation with Wilprep’s deli cases, featuring a curved glass face and adjustable shelves to elegantly display your creations. The 28” Countertop Display Refrigerator in particular features front vents for defogging, along with seamless temperature control to preserve the freshness of your products.

Bar Fridges

Making a mojito or crafting a Cosmopolitan? Bar fridges serve as compact storage, rapidly chilling beverages without taking up significant space. A restaurant beer cooler usually comes with adjustable shelves to accommodate barrels, kegs, bottles, and cans of all different sizes. These beverage coolers typically feature glass doors designed to simultaneously reflect heat, prevent frost, and convince your customers to buy themselves a nice, refreshing drink.

22.8" Commercial Merchandiser Refrigerator Swing Door

22.8" Commercial Merchandiser Refrigerator Swing Door

Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Fridge

Now that we’ve perused the best commercial fridges for a restaurant or business, you must also consider these factors when purchasing a commercial refrigerator.

  • Size and capacity requirements
  • Energy efficiency and cost-saving features
  • Temperature control and regulation
  • Durability and build quality
  • Noise level and maintenance requirements

Ensuring that your commercial refrigerator meets all your requirements and expectations will give you the best commercial refrigerator in the game. While you should certainly consider the best-rated commercial refrigerators, the process of finding the right fridge for your business might look different. Decide what features you are looking for in a commercial refrigerator while you consider these factors.

At the end of the day, it’s not about having just any commercial refrigerator; it’s about having the right one for your business. Excellent-quality appliances will not only support your restaurant—they will also empower your employees to perform better. Elevate your operations with superbly crafted equipment from Wilprep Kitchen. Find the best commercial fridge for your business now!

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