Buying ETL Certified Commercial Kitchen Equipment

September 06, 2023
Buying ETL Certified Commercial Kitchen Equipment: A Guide
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When outfitting a commercial kitchen, one of the most important features to look for is ETL certification. The ETL mark indicates appliances have been independently tested to meet strict standards for safety and performance.

This guide covers what to look for when purchasing ETL certified equipment to equip your restaurant or foodservice operation.

Verify the ETL Marks

There are two main ETL marks to check for on appliances:

ETL Sanitation Certification Mark - Confirms hygienic design and cleanability to foodservice sanitation standards.

ETL Testing Mark - Indicates meeting safety and operational standards per UL guidelines.

Look for both marks to ensure comprehensive certification. According to ETL provider Intertek, over 16,000 appliances display ETL marks. [1]

Where to Find ETL Certified Equipment

All major foodservice equipment manufacturers offer ETL certified appliance lines, including brands like Traulsen, True, Vulcan, Hobart, and Rational.

You can search for certified items on restaurant supply distributor websites or directly on brand sites. Specifying ETL certification as a filter will display compliant equipment options.

Ask Sales Representatives

Don’t hesitate to ask equipment sales representatives to confirm if an appliance carries ETL marks. They can provide model numbers and certification specifics to validate.

Get Written Confirmation

Request ETL certification be noted on invoices or purchase documentation. This provides helpful evidence of compliance for future inspections and insurance records.

Think Long-Term

The rigorous testing behind ETL certification ensures durable, long-lasting performance and reliability. While ETL equipment may cost more upfront, the long-term savings from energy efficiency, food safety and avoided breakdowns make it well worth the investment.

Look Beyond Upfront Costs

Speaking of costs, don’t just look at the purchase price. Also calculate long-term operating costs like energy and water consumption. ETL certified appliances often save substantially in the long run through energy efficient operation.

Inspect Certification Marks Upon Arrival

When taking delivery of new ETL certified equipment, check that items have the legitimate ETL marks on the unit. This ensures you receive what was promised and ordered.

Maintain Your Equipment

To keep ETL appliances operating safely and efficiently, be sure to follow all maintenance requirements from the manufacturer. This will help your equipment achieve its maximum certified lifespan.

ETL certification provides commercial kitchens an invaluable safeguard from the inherent risks of cooking with heat, gases, and electricity. While ETL compliant equipment requires a greater initial investment, the assurances and savings over time make it well worth the cost for any foodservice business.



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