Essential Fast-Food Restaurant Equipment: A Complete Guide

January 04, 2024
Wilprep fast food restaurant equipment
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Must-Have Kitchen Equipment for Fast-Food Restaurants

In a billion-dollar industry, what goes on behind the scenes of a fast-food restaurant is equally important as what happens up front. Fast-food restaurants in the US alone generated $382 billion in 2022, but what happens in the kitchen of a McDonald’s or Burger King to warrant such success?

A thriving business supports its workers, runs a tight ship, and invests in good, long-lasting appliances. After all, a worker is only as good as the equipment they use. Don’t hinder your chefs with poor appliances that break easily and halt productivity.

Kitchen efficiency solutions such as reliable and well-crafted fridges, freezers, or any other fast-food restaurant equipment are imperative for running a successful restaurant.

Our fast-food restaurant equipment list will tell you what kind of tools you require for your business. Whether you are opening your own shop, or simply upgrading your outdated appliances, this guide will help you uncover the equipment needed for fast-food restaurant/businesses.

Cooking Equipment

Commercial Fryers

Fast food is synonymous with delicious, fried menu items that are a staple for such establishments. For a business that runs on deep-fried goods, a commercial deep-fryer is essential in a fast-food restaurant. Especially fast-paced kitchens can benefit from a 20 lb. double-bin fryer to fry more food at once.

Wilprep deep fryerWilprep Electric Deep Fryer, 20 lb.

Grills and Griddles

Crucial for a burger joint or breakfast place, a grill or griddle is a versatile and efficient appliance that allows you to cook multiple items at once. Sear up hot dogs, pancakes, quesadillas, and more. There’s virtually no limit to what you can cook on a grill or griddle!


Similar to an oven, a broiler is purposed with exposing food to intense heat in order to quickly char, cook, or caramelize items. Broilers can be utilized to finish steaks, roast meat, and melt cheese, among other things.

Toasters and Conveyor Ovens

Rather than roasting food in the broiler, a toaster or oven can be used under milder circumstances that require lower temperatures and longer periods. Toast buns and heat sandwiches or cookies in a commercial oven.

Food Preparation Equipment

Food Processors

These appliances help cut down preparation time, making tasks like blending sauces, slicing veggies, and mixing meats more convenient and less time-consuming.


Instead of mixing dough by hand, an industrial mixer can easily prepare batter or combine ingredients on its own.

Meat Slicers

These practical appliances are vital for sandwich joints, pizza parlors, and other restaurants that utilize sliced food. Use a slicer to cut down large objects such as blocks of cheese, veggies, or slabs of meat.


Blenders make it easier to create smoothies, milkshakes, and sauces, increasing your menu options without sacrificing productivity.

Refrigeration Equipment

Walk-In Refrigerator

A walk-in fridge is crucial for storing the bulk of your perishable goods. Keep produce, dairy, and other volatile ingredients in the walk-in refrigerator to keep your food at safe temperatures and extend their shelf life.

Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

Commercial reach-in fridgeWilprep 54" Commercial Solid-Door Reach-In Refrigerator

Smaller than a walk-in, a reach-in fridge or freezer is important for providing easy access to frequently-used items. From single-door freezers to triple-door fridges, the size of your reach-in fridge or freezer depends on your restaurant’s needs.

Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers

Designed to save space, these fridges and freezers can serve as both a storage area and workspace. High-quality stainless steel utilized on all Wilprep Kitchen under-counter products allows you to prioritize durability, cleanliness, and storage in your restaurant.

Display Coolers

A display cooler at the forefront of your business is ideal for showcasing beverages, desserts, or any goods while maintaining perfect temperatures. Business owners often use displays to help increase purchases whether it is in the retail or restaurant industry.

Beverage Equipment

Soft Drink Dispensers

Behind the counter or self-serve—either way, a soft-drink dispenser is crucial for any fast-food establishment. Having a wide selection of soft drinks creates the perfect accompaniment for any meal.

Ice Machines

Ensure you have a steady supply of ice for cold drinks with an industrial ice machine. Keep products, drinks, or anything else cold with an efficient ice maker. A busy fast-food joint might require a 500 lb. commercial ice maker, while some might be able to make do with a smaller, 175lb. ice maker.

Wilprep Ice MakerIWilprep Commercial Ice Maker Machine 175lb

Milkshake Machines

Classic diners and burger joints need a milkshake machine in order to create those creamy, delicious shakes that make the perfect pairing to a burger and fries.

Safety and Sanitation Equipment

Grease Trap/Interceptor

Any establishment that produces large quantities of grease and oil requires a grease trap or interceptor to filter out the fat from the wastewater. This trap separates the oil and grease from the water running to the sewers, preventing it from contaminating the ocean.

Ventilation System

Proper ventilation throughout your restaurant is key towards maintaining air quality and removing smoke, gas, and odors from the kitchen. Range hoods and vents move contaminants inside the kitchen out of it, sustaining a safe and breathable environment for workers and customers.

Fire-Suppression Systems

Because they deal with fire and grease, fast-food restaurants are fire-prone. Investing in a fire suppression system will protect your business and employees, offering you and your workers peace of mind when dealing with flames.

Dishwashing Equipment

One of the most cumbersome tasks in cooking is managing the load of dishes that accompany it. A commercial dishwasher and sanitation sink will help ensure the proper sanitation and cleaning of your kitchenware.

Commercial 3-Compartment SinkWilprep's 3-Compartment Sanitation Sink

Ready Your Fast-Food Restaurant for Success

What goes on in the kitchen of a fast-food restaurant is a spectacle in itself. The kitchen of any fast-food establishment must work like a well-oiled apparatus that keeps pace with the rapid influx of orders.

Chefs and the appliances they utilize work in tandem; the success of the restaurant relies on both man and machine. There are numerous pieces of equipment needed to start a fast-food restaurant, including fryers, broilers, dishwashing sinks, and more.

Serving as the trusted sous-chefs of the kitchen, reliable fast-food restaurant equipment increases productivity and efficiency long term. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if your fridge were to break in the middle of a busy night! Investing in durable, trustworthy kitchen appliances will save you the headache in the years to come.

Equip your fast-food restaurant with quality restaurant equipment from Wilprep Kitchen. From industrial, reach-in fridges and freezers to enormous ice-makers, Wilprep has long-lasting and dependable fast-food restaurant equipment for you.

Great things happen in the kitchen, so invest in great appliances. Create the best kitchen for your fast-food restaurant today!

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