Top 6 Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Mexican Restaurants

December 02, 2023
Mexican Restaurant Kitchen Equipment
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Mexican restaurants offer various types of cuisine, from traditional tacos to Mesoamerican enchiladas. Reasonably, these businesses must invest in different types of restaurant supplies and appliances to maintain their menu options.

Commercial kitchen equipment optimizes your kitchen with faster cooking times, better energy efficiency, and consistent results in the food. Check out the top six most essential commercial appliances for Mexican restaurants.

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1. Solid-Door Commercial Freezers

Commercial-grade freezers have dependable cooling systems, storage space, and energy efficiency, making them ideal for most restaurants. Solid-door fridges and freezers are usually the best choices for safe food storage because their stainless steel builds don't let any heat in. However, all commercial freezer manufacturers are different, so research specific models before investing.

The 54" commercial solid door reach-in freezer offers over 42 cubic feet of space across ten adjustable shelves. It reaches temperatures as low as -11 ° Fahrenheit while its auto-defrost design decreases build-up. Most Wilprep fridges and freezers also feature smart doors that automatically close if left ajar for better food safety and energy usage.

Wilprep 54-inch 2 Door Reach-In Freezer
The Wilprep 54" Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Freezer 42.2 cu. ft. Capacity

2. Undercounter Worktop Refrigerators

Undercounter commercial refrigerators and freezers let you store food out of the way and easily access it as needed. This is particularly useful when operating in a busy kitchen or assembling Mexican dishes that require multiple ingredients.

The 28" commercial undercounter refrigerator features a flat worktop surface, easy-to-roll wheels, and an adjustable shelf that holds up to 88 pounds. Most importantly, it's certified for quality and safety by ETL Sanitation, DOE, CEC, and Energy Star, so your workspace will always be sanitary. This undercounter refrigerator is also available in three larger sizes, stretching up to 72".

72" Commercial Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator

The Wilprep 72" Commercial Undercounter Worktop Refrigerator

3. Commercial Electric Fryers

Mexican restaurants use deep fryers for various purposes, including sauteed veggies, cooked beef, and tortilla chips. Commercial-grade fryers let you cook more food at once with even results in all corners of the basket. This consistency is often essential when working with raw meat.

Wilprep's 10-pound electric deep fryer reaches temperatures up to 375° Fahrenheit for dependable, high-quality cooking. It rapidly heats up as soon as you turn the knob and uses a protective cover to keep oils from escaping its tank. For extra frying space, Wilprep also offers a 20-pound fryer with the same features and wattage. 

Wilprep electric deep fryers

Wilprep's 10-pound and 20-pound electric deep fryers

4. Tortilla Presses and Grills

Though you can always buy tortillas or make them another way, many of the best Mexican restaurants use tortilla presses and grills. These commercial appliances crush and heat your ingredients together for a fresh tortilla flavor that customers will smell and taste. Even if you make your soft tortilla shells in advance, you can still throw them in a grill before serving them for unique heat and textures. 

5. Commercial Rice Cookers

Commercial rice warmers let you cook high quantities of rice without taking up essential kitchen space. Some Mexican restaurants cook rice using stovetops and other traditional options. However, rice cookers are typically the best choice if rice is included as a side in every meal.

Fortunately, this commercial kitchen equipment is typically easy to find. Look for commercial rice cookers with basic operations and dependable results, certifying all rice cooks evenly. In doing so, you can keep rice constantly cooking in your kitchen without it being anyone's primary focus.

6. Display Merchandiser Refrigerators

Many Mexican restaurants ask customers to pay at the counter, which is a great way to promote snacks, drinks, and a few extra sales. With LED lights and a cool chill, merchandiser refrigerators expand what you can sell to customers on their way out. Plus, you can also store baked goods, salads, and anything else that lasts in the fridges' 32° to 50° Fahrenheit range.

The 22.8" commercial merchandiser refrigerator is one of the best display fridges for Mexican restaurants. It's tall enough to provide nearly 13 cubic feet of storage but thin enough that you should be able to fit it cleanly near the exit. Depending on your dining layout, you may also prefer merchandiser refrigerators with sliding doors, which you won't find from all commercial fridge manufacturers.

Commercial Merchandiser Refrigerator Two Sliding Door

52.4" Commercial Merchandiser Refrigerator Two Sliding Door 40 cu. ft. Capacity

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Invest in Commercial Kitchen Equipment With Wilprep

Restaurant appliances are critical to restaurants' safety, efficiency, and financial security. A defective freezer can cause frozen food to spoil, while an older fryer may not cook meat all the way through. So, it's critical to invest in high-quality commercial kitchen equipment that will last your restaurant for years.

At Wilprep, our products have been tested for dependability and certified for sanitation safety. Explore our commercial kitchen equipment to find the best appliances for your Mexican restaurant.

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