How to Choose a Commercial Reach-In Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

April 02, 2024
How to Choose a Commercial Reach-In Refrigerator for Your Kitchen
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Commercial refrigerators are the bread and butter of any restaurant kitchen. Utilized to keep produce cool and fresh, a commercial reach-in refrigerator must be kept on hand in any kitchen to optimize workflow. In particular, having an easily-accessible fridge allows workers to save time traveling back and forth between stations. 

restaurant chef using reach in commercial refrigerator

The Advantages of a Reach-In Fridge

A commercial reach-in refrigerator provides quick accessibility and immediate access for employees. They also come in a range of sizes, providing the ideal stature for large or small kitchens. Additionally, reach-in fridges consume less energy than walk-ins, making them more energy efficient. A typical 6 foot by 6 foot walk-in refrigerator uses an average of 660.48 kWh per month, while the Wilprep 54'' Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator only utilizes around 69 kWh per month (hourly kWh x 30 days). 

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Reach-In Fridge

A purchase as significant as a reach-in fridge definitely warrants consideration. Some factors you should consider when choosing a reach-in refrigerator are: 

  • Size and capacity requirements
  • Temperature control and regulation
  • Energy efficiency and other cost-saving features 
  • Durability and build quality 
  • Noise level and maintenance requirements 

Deliberate how much storage space you require, and what size fridge you can accommodate in your kitchen. Likewise, an efficient, durable refrigerator will save you costs in the long term. Additionally, contemplate the precision of the refrigerator’s temperature control, and how noise levels might affect your staff. 

temperature control on commercial reach in fridge

After you have considered these factors, you must also think about additional elements such as the refrigerator’s measurements, components, design, and warranty. Remember, purchasing commercial kitchen appliances is not merely a transaction; it is an investment in the future of your business. Considering these factors will allow you to buy the best reach-in refrigerator for you.


When examining your potential kitchen partner, bear in mind the dimensions of your chosen reach-in refrigerator. Wilprep offers a range of sizes, each designed with the nuances of kitchen spaces in mind. 

Consider our 27" Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator, a perfect fit for those operating in a snug cooking corner. On the other hand, grander kitchens may find our capacious 81'' Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator more to their liking.

Refrigerator Components

The quality of your appliances extends down to the last component. The compressor is the beating heart of your refrigerator, cycling refrigerant to keep your fridge cold. Wilprep Kitchen’s refrigerators utilizes durable and reliable technology, allowing them to run smoothly and efficiently throughout the years. 

refrigerator components for commercial kitchens

Indeed, products like the 27" Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator use an Embraco compressor; a high-quality unit from a reputable manufacturer. Even on the off chance that your commercial reach-in refrigerator’s compressor breaks, Wilprep offers a 3-year warranty to ensure that your compressor is up and running to its full potential. 


Choosing a commercial reach-in fridge also involves considering the visual appeal and functional design. If you are looking for a display fridge to stock beverages or goods to entice customers, a glass-door fridge has the benefit of allowing your customers to peruse without lifting a finger. This also makes them more energy-efficient, as a transparent door allows users to minimize the amount of time in which the door remains open. 

Wilprep glass door commercial fridge54.1" Commercial Merchandiser Refrigerator

On the other hand, glass doors tend to smudge easier than ones made of stainless steel. Additionally, stainless-steel commercial fridges are better insulated, making them ideal for produce, raw meats, and other perishable products you might store longer term. This makes them valuable resources for a prep kitchen or the back house of a restaurant.

Depending on your intentions, one design might hold precedence over the other. Either way, Wilprep stocks a wide variety of different commercial fridges for your kitchen, including glass door and stainless steel options! 


With all appliances, a long-lasting warranty can give you peace of mind before purchasing. Wilprep Kitchen provides a one-year warranty for all of its commercial refrigerators and a 3-year warranty for compressor parts. This ensures that your product can do what it does best without worry: provide precise temperature control for your produce.

Wilprep 3-door commercial reach in refrigerator81'' Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator

At the end of the day, companies that provide the ultimate customer service are an invaluable resource. Inevitably, you might come across an obstacle with your appliance that you cannot overcome on your own, and helpful and responsive customer service helps remedy your issues with ease. 

Wilprep Kitchen emphasizes a client-centric approach, ensuring that your needs are met. Contact us today for expert advice and support! 

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With so many considerations to mull over when it comes to choosing a reach-in refrigerator, you can rest assured that Wilprep Kitchen offers a multitude of quality refrigeration options for commercial kitchens. With Wilprep, you’re choosing reliable and durable products specifically designed for your culinary needs. 

Whether it's a glass-door fridge or a long-lasting three-door freezer, Wilprep offers advanced cooling technology that will enhance any commercial kitchen. Start your journey with Wilprep Kitchen today—explore our range of appliances or reach out to our team for helpful guidance. Here, you’re choosing quality appliances with passion, precision, and innovation in mind. 

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